Amoxil urgent information

Amoxil should not be used in the following cases:Amoxil antibiotic can make birth control tablets ineffective. When using Amoxil other methods of birth control should be used (condoms, diaphragms, spermicide).Continue reading →

Before taking antibiotics consult your doctor

Amoxil should be taken only in case the infection caused by bacteria is strongly thought to exist.Before taking Amoxil or any other antibiotic consult your doctor. Continue reading →

Amoxil description

Capsules, tablets, chewable tablets, and powder for oral suspension formulations of Amoxil contain the main component amoxicillin – a semisynthetic antibiotic, similar to ampicillin.Continue reading →

Amoxil antibiotic

Amoxil (amoxicillin) medication is a penicillin antibiotic which is used to fight bacteria in the body.Continue reading →