Side effects

gpStop using Amoxil  if you have a serious side effect such as:

  •     sudden  weakness or numbness;
  •     swelling,redness in one or both legs;
  •     confusion or  sudden severe headache, loss of appetite;
  •     chest pain,  rapid breathing, fast heart rate;
  •     problems with speech,vision, balance;
  •     pain of serious character;
  •     unusual vaginal  bleeding;
  •     muscle weakness, confusion, increased thirst, feeling  tired;
  •     pressure or pain  in your pelvic area;
  •     new breast lump;
  •     unusual bleeding (mouth, nose,  rectum or vagina);
  •     eye pain,  blurred vision, or seeing halos around lights;
  •     irregular menstrual periods;
  •     red  spots under your skin, easy bruising;
  •     fever, body aches, flu symptoms, chills;
  •     upper stomach pain, dark urine, itching.

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Amoxil may have less serious side effects:

  •     joint pain;
  •     hot flashes;
  •     bone pain;
  •     tumor pain;
  •     swelling in feet or hands;
  •     difficulty having an orgasm;
  •     vaginal  dryness or itching;
  •     thinning hair;
  •     impotence, decreased sex drive;
  •     dizziness, headache, depression.

Drugs which can affect Amoxil

There are certainly some drugs which can affect Amoxil as well as amoxicillin can affect other medicines. interactionsAmoxil in therapeutic concentrations provide necessary treatment for infectious diseases caused by bacteria. Amoxil treatment contribute to better and quicker recovery from the infection, so it should be used regularly and in the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Amoxil is one of the most used antibiotics because it contains amoxicillin. This high quality formula of the effective antibiotic delivers the necessary amount of the medicine to help support immune system and eliminate dangerous bacteria.
Amoxicillin antibiotic is so effective because it kills the bacteria in the body and stops their development.

interactions of drugsThe absorption of Amoxil is not affected by food or alcohol. Still it is advised to avoid any products which produce irritation of the stomach and to avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment. The ability of the medicine to neutralize most types of the bacteria makes Amoxil one of the most popular antibiotics.

Still Amoxil use should be refrained from during the treatment with some other medicines including probenecid, warfarin , azithromycin, telithromycin.

Sulfa drugs can affect the work of Amoxil and shouldn’t be combined with amoxicillin antibiotic. They can decrease the antibacterial effects of amoxicillin.

Additionally other antibiotics should not be used with Amoxil if the treatment does not require it.syrup

Concurrent use of Amoxil with certain medicines may result in increased and prolonged (or decreased) blood levels of amoxicillin.

It is not common to use antibiotics with alcohol. Though, some people might do it. Alcohol does not interact with Amoxil, still the use of alcohol can badly affect the general state of health especially during the infectious period.

Amoxil overdosage

If Amoxil overdosage has occurred intentionally or unintentionally, a patient should stop using the medicine and call a doctor. The symptoms of overdosage include diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, kidney or liver impairment symptoms and others.

Usually it is recommended to drink more water if overdosage happened. This especially refers to the patients with kidney dysfunction.

In severe cases the symptomatic treatment such as gastric emptying is needed.

General precautions and recommendations for patients

antibioticsThe improper use of antibiotics including Amoxil can lead to superinfection development or to growth of bacteria resistant to amoxicillin. To avoid growing of bacterial pathogens, please follow your doctor’s advice and never use antibiotics when there is no need for it.

In case of serious side effects occurrence, the treatment with Amoxil should be discontinued, the side effect should be reported to a doctor.

Some patients suffering from mononucleosis who take Amoxil have erythematous skin rash. This antibiotic should not be used by patients with mononucleosis.

Chewable tablets of Amoxil contain phenylalanine, so this form of the medicine should not be taken by phenylketonurics. They can use other forms of Amoxil.

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