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sibutramina-orlistatHow should one take Orlistat?

As other medicine you should take orlistat exactly as it is directed by your doctor or is written on the medicine instruction. It is not recommended to use the medicine in larger or smaller amounts, or use it for a longer period of time than it was recommended by doctor. Read the directions on the prescription label carefully. This medication always has the instructions paper for safe use for the patients. In case you have any questions you should ask your doctor for more details. Orlistat may be only a part of a whole medication program that should also includes diet, sport exercises, and weight controlling. Your doctor will help you to evenly divide the daily intake of fat, protein, and carbohydrates among your daily meals. The diet, medication, and sport exercises should be followed very closely. The medicine is usually taken with a full glass of water 1 hour (not later) after a fat meal (actually the meal should contain not more than 30% of the calories). Orlistat should be taken 3 times per day. If you eat a meal without any fat or you skip your meal you should not take your Orlistat dose. The content of fat in the daily diet may be not more than 30% of the total caloric intake per day. If you have eaten 1200 calories, no more than 360 of the eaten calories may be in a form of fat. Before eating you should attentively read the food label. Don’t miss the information about the number of servings in the bought container. Ask you doctor or dietitian for help to work out a plan of a healthy eating.

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